The Amazing Jungle Rescue

About The Game

Our first game, The Amazing Jungle Rescue, is a conservationist themed word game that will test the limits of your word knowledge. The game features seven unique puzzle types that blend the best parts of traditional word games with the best parts of interactive computer games.

Features include:

  • Three modes of play; Story, Freeplay, and Challenge.
  • Multiple saved game profiles with score keeping.
  • Randomly generated puzzles for unlimited replay potential.
  • Available soon for Windows PC and Linux.

Download Now

The Amazing Jungle Rescue is free to play! Windows | Linux

About The Puzzles

Click on an image below to read about each puzzle.

Cryptic Cartography Crate Crashers Tiki Torment Rapid Reforestation Lowly Loggers Tangled Trails Sliding Slabs

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